B1 and B2 License Aircraft Engineers

s•com is seeking B1 and B2 License Aircraft Engineers!

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B1 and B2 License Aircraft Engineers

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S·com are currently looking for a B1/B2 Licensed Engineers for a number of contracts starting asap. You will need to have a B1 or B2 Licence plus a current authorisation for at least one of the following engines/aircrafts:

• B747-400 with RB211
• B777-200 with RR Trent 800
• B777-200 with GE90
• B777-300 with GE 115b
•B767-300 with RB211

• A319
• A320
• A321 with IAE V2500

S·com are offering differences courses to any candidates who can prove similar types and who wish this type to be added onto their license or have run out of recency and are interested in the position.

Applicants must provide the following: Current HF, SFAR88, EWIS, License, Training Certificates, Passport and recency letter proving aircraft/engine ability.

Apply here: http://service.joberate.com/re…-b3-04a8d1
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